If McG et al involved with Terminator 4: Return of the Terminator T4 have done one thing right, it’s this: they’ve brought Stan Winston back to do the Terminator FX.

This information comes to us in a circuitous way: make-up artist Jeff Dawn tells thestream.tv that he won’t be doing Terminator Quadrangle: Revenge of the Terminator in 4D because he’ll be on the new Bruce Willis movie, The Surrogates. He says that Stan Winston, the FX daddy of the Terminator, will be back on board. I assume he’ll just be doing specific Terminator effects, and not every bit of bloody body damage in the film.

In case you were wondering, this means the main connective tissue between the four Terminator films now that Arnold is out is Stan Winston. I kind of love that it’s the special effects guy who holds the series together.