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The Pitch

Watch your kids throw the DVD
remote at the television, as they try to work the controls of this awkward

The Humans

Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Rupert Grint, Alan Rickman,
Maggie Smith and the usual gang of Witchfolk.

Get used to seeing this screen a lot. The DVD will hang here for about five minutes before moving on.

The Nutshell

Harry Potter Interactive DVD
Game: Hogwarts Challenge
is an interesting game to keep kids busy. Some kids
will try their hardest to make something out of the game’s cyclical nature. Most
kids will say to Hell with it and go talk smack on XBOX
Live. If you bother to stick with the game, you’ll discover a fun challenge
that takes you through the years at Hogwart’s.

The Lowdown

Harry Potter has become such a moneymaker that you can license
anything as long as you put The Boy Who Lived on it. Unfortunately, the powers
that be saw fit to make this DVD. Most
people have the good sense to realize that a DVD
game works best in minimal doses in such venues as DVD
Extras and whatever version of Scene It is being sold. If you choose to
inflict this game on your kids, then you’re going to watch their little minds
struggle with the slow loading game. Then, they’re going to have trouble
navigating around the ill-designed menus.

Bob Jones presents: The Secularlist Kitchen

It’s a little too easy to call this DVD
some sort of money grab, but every single thing about this release screams
cash-in. There’s no point to the proceedings and every thing comes across as a
poorly thought-out DVD extra. Have you ever
tried using a DVD remote to do something
outside of chapter searching? It’s awkward and it leads to you wondering why in
the Hell did you think this would be a good purchase?

At heart, the game should’ve worked. But, it would’ve only
worked as a kiddie console game. You need better controls, you need more
thought-out levels and you need a point. Oh wow, you get to join up with a
House at Hogwart’s and attend class. What else after that? Nothing! There’s absolutely
nothing, but clips from the movies that pop up willy-nilly.

Thrill to the only three options on this DVD.

Your kids are going to clamor for this DVD
game, if they find it. Given the amount of bargain bins at your local discount
store, I believe that their little hands will have no trouble finding it. This DVD
is a waste of your cash and a waste of your little one’s time. There’s nothing
fun to be found here. The only good thing about the DVD
is that it worked when put into the player.

I’ve reviewed a lot of shitty titles in my day and this is
one of the worst titles that I’ve seen. Harry Potter Interactive DVD
Game: Hogwarts Challenge
makes all of the cardinal sins that a piece of entertainment
could ever make. It’s boring, it’s hard to use and there’s no reason for it to
exist. One day, these discs will make their way to the same New
dump where all of those copies of E.T. the
Atari Game found themselves. That day can’t come soon enough.

The Dumbledore Memorial Meth Lab

The Package

Harry Potter Interactive DVD
Game: Hogwarts Challenge
comes to DVD with
a standard single-disc release. There are no extra features to find on the
disc, but there are extra objectives on the game. It’s as lame as it sounds. If
you want the shit experience of this DVD to
linger, then try those challenges. Otherwise, eject the DVD
and try to pawn on it off on someone.

The A/V Quality on the DVD
is a joke. The herky-jerky nature of the DVD
shows off full-frame mutilations of footage from the five released Harry Potter
films. The Dolby 2.0 soundtrack is decent, but really adds nothing to the
presentation. Let’s check this out again. Shit content, shitty controls and
laughable A/V Quality all adds up for a shitty experience. If you still want to
make this purchase, I hope that you enjoy your shit sandwich.

One of these things will make Cho Chang your wench. Choose wisely.


0.5 out of 10