Mark Millar’s latest comic book creation, Kick-Ass, takes the idea of ‘realistic’ superheroes to the next level; it’s about a teenager in the real world who puts on a silly costume and attempts to fight crime. I haven’t read the book yet but it’s getting good notices from the fickle geek press, so I’ll probably read my roommate’s copy at some point.

The book only has one or two issues out but that’s not stopping Hollywood from getting in on the game, and Moriarty over at Ain’t It Cool knows who will be tackling the adaptation: Matthew Vaughn. Apparently Vaughn and Jane Goldman, his writing partner on Stardust, are working on the script right now, possibly with heavy involvement from Millar (whose Wanted got raped for the upcoming movie). Moriarty thinks that Kick-Ass might well be Vaughn’s next film, before he takes on Thor for Marvel.

Now that the cat’s out of the bag, expect Variety to report on this as if it were their story.