Jennifer’s Body, Oscar winner Diablo Cody’s new script (which is being directed by Karyn Kusama, who I fear will be reduced to a parenthetical in too much of the coverage – taking on a Cody script is now like taking on a Charlie Kaufman script, in that all of a sudden the media decides it’s all the writer’s vision), has its latest actor. A couple of weeks ago we told you that some legitimate emo singers were being considered for the role of the leader of the Satanic emo band that starts the movie’s horror storyline, but it turns out they’ve gone with an actor – Adam Brody.

I’ve never understood what people see in Brody, but I can totally buy him as an emo fruit, so this seems like fine casting to me. Also joining the cast is the wonderful JK Simmons, who will be playing the high school science teacher.

Jennifer’s Body has already started shooting, so it’ll be long done before Brody has to report for work as The Flash in Justice League. Sorry, I couldn’t help but snicker at that.