It’s Friday, so definitely a “post lots of cool videos” kind of day, and between the two amazing trailers that have hit and now the end credits of Pacific Rim up online, it’s been a good one for it.

pacific rim credits 2Above you’ll find the end credit title sequence for Pacific Rim generated by Imaginary Forces, which of course runs at the conclusion of the movie. This is for those that are really jonesing for the movie but still have a few days or hours to go. There are no spoilers, except that there people, mechs, and monsters in the movie and that they occasionally are punching each other. It’s really just a feast for the eyes of anyone who enjoys the digital sculpture work and rock guitars.

This is definitely living in the same world as a lot of action movie end credits for films like Iron Man 3 or whatever, but they have a nice textural quality that definitely kept my ass in the seat through the credits. Reminds me of Blur’s work on the Dragon Tattoo opener (in a good way).

I was pointed towards the post by Imaginary Forces artist Ryan Summers.

And finally, if you haven’t checked it out, Nick and I have a Tag-Team Review of the film up, which you can find right here¬†and enjoy¬†without any fear of spoilers.