News of Bob Odenkirk’s and David Cross’s triumphant return to HBO evidently broke last Friday, but since this is the first I’ve heard of it, let’s pretend it’s shiny and new.

You’re whispering lewdly in my ear, “Wait, is this some newfangled Mr. Show-type sketch thing?”, and I’m snapping back, “Based on the out-of-context excerpts Bob and David posted to their official site, I just don’t know.”  Here’s part of their announcement.  I cut out some of the extraneous non sequiturs (as opposed to the “essential non sequiturs”) because they’re more confounding than funny.

“HBO has officially picked up the pilot Bob and I pitched them and wrote. We should be shooting in LA in the beginning of MAY. We’ll keep you posted on exactly when and where (we’ll have room for 150 audiencers). We are both very, very excited about it and feel it’s really strong and important to the health of America. We know that America is hurting right now and old people like to say that ‘Laughter’s the best medicine’ So, keep hope old people, an injection of 10cc’s of funny is about to be shot all up in your funny bones!”

The boys have had a rough go of it on their own, making scads of cash from Miller commercials and movies about poop-eating chipmunks (and feuding with fellow comics over said movies), so let’s hope this modest endeavor will bankrupt them back into bein’ funny.  Since Bob’s got a wife and kids to support, I’m sure he’d be a laugh riot if he were broke and struggling again; nothing amuses quite so much as abject failure and familial strife.

By the way, if you see David Cross out and about, make sure to ask him what’s up with the Arrested Development movie.  I’m sure he’ll respond to your query with great warmth and enthusiasm.

Best of luck, fellas!