STUDIO: Comedy Central
MSRP: $14.99
RATED: Not rated
RUNNING TIME: 132 minutes

  • Commentary by Jerry Springer, Ralph Nader and Tucker Carlson
  • Commentary by cast and creators
  • Bonus episode: “Walter Reed”
  • Lil’ George’s White House Tour
  • Behind-the-scenes interviews with cast and creators
  • Table Read


Neurotic, spoiled, bratty little kids inevitably grow up to be, well, you know…


Lil’ Bush,
Lil’ Condi, Lil’ Cheney, Lil’ Rummy, President George H.W. Bush, Lil’ Jeb Bush, Barbara Bush.


the adventures of Lil’ George W. Bush, who has been retconned to be a
kid while his dad, the first President Bush, was in the White House, Lil’ Bush follows
the (mis)adventures of the little hellion and his buddies, kid versions
of Condoleeza Rice, Donald Rumsfeld and a mumbling, incoherent and
hawkish Dick Cheney.  The show skewers these four and gives us a little
insight as to how they terrorized their version of the country back
during grade school.  But keep the kids away, this is a cartoon for
grown ups, even though the main characters aren’t.

“What’s the smartestest thing I can think of to say?  Oh yeah: Mission Accomplished!”


I’m really kind of torn on Lil’ Bush and
not sure exactly what to make of it.  On the one hand, anything which
skewers this current administration like a luau pig is alright in my
book; and
Lil’ Bush does
that pretty effectively.  On the other hand, I really just can’t seem
to get into it.  Not because I’m easily offended, but because at times
it goes into territory I’d rather not venture into, and other times its
downright boring.

The premise is somewhat intriguing: turning
the miscreants of the current administration into bratty kids with a
penchant for getting into trouble and the inherent commentary on their
many failures that goes with it seems solid.  Lil’ George is a nimrod
basically.  Caricaturized by the “dumb ole boy” persona that Bush has
so successfully cultivated – intentionally or not.  Lil’ Condi is a
fawning sycophantic goody goody who practically hangs on the every word
and action of the brat-in-chief; as does Lil’ Rummy.  And Lil’ Cheney
is a mumbling demon spawn with a penchant for causing carnage and
mayhem and sucking the blood out of live animals.  And Lil’ Jeb is the
mutant retard brother that’s virtually indestructible and always good
for a decent ‘tard laugh.

“Hey gang, after the concert, let’s head on down to Abu Graib and ‘entertain’ some Lil’ Iragis!”
“Sounds good, Lil’ G!”

they do idiotic things like go to Iraq to look for a good news story to
cheer up George, Sr. for his birthday, only to bring back an Iraqi
orphan and have Lil’ Jeb inadvertently kill him.  Then in the other
half of the episode, the four have a contest to see who can get the
first first kiss.  This unerringly leads Lil’ Cheney into a tryst with
Barbara, and consequently his crawling up into her womanhood and setting up
camp (“Iraq” / “First Kiss”).  In “Gay Friend / “Mexican”, the gang
starts following around Lil’ Barack Obama while Lil’ George is busy
getting buddy-buddy with Lil’ Tony Blair and picking up British (i.e.
gay) tendencies, including becoming cheerleaders for the school
football team.  The other half of the episode finds them having illegal
Mexican workers complete their chores.

Lil’ Bush: “So we gonna endorse Lil’ John McCain for Class President here or what?”
Lil’ Rummy: I don’t know, will he uphold the high ideals we’ve all subscribed to?”
Lil Condi: “I don’t know, but he was in detention for like, five years.”
Lil Bush: “Well hell, sounds good to me…”
Lil’ Cheney: “ruh-ruh-ruh-need-a-sausage-ruh-ruh-ruh…”

show succeeds and fails almost equally it seems.  It does make some
fairly sharp observations about the state of the country and
incorporates it into its narratives, but it also goes way overboard at
times.  Don’t know about you, but I’m just not that interested in
seeing a young Dick Cheney fucking Barbara Bush and becoming his own
fetus.  Ultimately I think I could survive without ever seeing another
episode of this show, despite a small bit of charm it does possess.  It
just gets too stupid at times.  But considering the source material,
that’s perfectly understandable.


The cartoon is pretty sharply drawn and looks good, and the sound is also suitably impressive.  There’s also quite a bit more features than you might expect, starting with commentary by cast and creators and special commentaries by Jerry Springer, Ralph Nader and Tucker Carlson.  There’s a bonus episode, “Walter Reed”, and behind-the-scenes featurettes including Lil’ George’s White House Tour, interviews with cast and creators and a table read of one of the episodes.

4.9 out of 10