Well here we have our first, extraordinarily exhaustive trailer for Saving Mr. Banks, the story of Walt Disney’s quest for the rights to Mary Poppins, which had to be delicately wrestled from P.L. Travers, played here by Emma Thompson. More specifically it’s the story of Travers wrestling with the idea of letting her story go…

saving-mr-banks-first-lookThis trailer pretty much gives away the farm (in a literal sense, actually), but it promises exactly the kind of exhaustive, quirky, and ultimately emotional trip you’d expect from a Tom Hanks vehicle about Walt Disney made by Disney. Seriously though, this trailer is kind of nuts.

This is the first time Walt Disney has been portrayed in a film, so it’s a special thing . And despite myself, I do get a little caught up in the magic of Disney’s whole thing, so I’ll be there. The addition of folks like Paul Giammati, BJ Novak, Colin Farrell, Jason Schwartzman, and Bradley Whitford doesn’t hurt either.