Ever heard of Mike Birbiglia?

He’s a really fun and light comedian whose work is unique though at times reflects the innocence and somewhat clean stuff that’s come from luminaries like Brian Regan and Mitch Hedberg, though considerably different.

I’ve got his CD’s and though they’re not the kind of comedy discs you share with everyone you know [sorry Mike], they’re very rewarding experiences as a whole. I’ll pop in a few Todd Barry tracks for someone as isolated little jokes, but Birbiglia is more of a storyteller and thusly harder to “sell” in small doses.

I’d been planning to catch his upcoming Atlanta show, but that shit just changed. Here’s the word from the man himself:

Hey Internet life partners,

I have great news. The secret public journal emails you’ve been reading for the last 20-25 years are being made into a comedy pilot (and ideally a series) for CBS!!!

Maybe it was the 93
comments you wrote after my last entry or Ted Kennedy’s endorsement,
but they’ve decided to let me and my friend Andy Secunda make a show
about a guy who does comedy, writes a journal, and kills polar bears
for sport (not true). CBS has also assured me that if the show is a
success, they will also green-light television shows based on all of
your blogs and all of your friends’ blogs, even this one.

Now here’s the
downside. (And I ask you to bear with me.) I’m going to have to
postpone most of the upcoming tour, including Boston, DC, Raleigh,
Atlanta, Nashville, Indianapolis, Cleveland, Detroit, Columbus,
Minneapolis, Chicago, Kansas City, and Denver. I promise I will come to
these cities. But right now we have to shoot this pilot to have a
chance to become a series in the fall.

Also, with slight scheduling changes, I will be definitely be appearing this weekend in Cincinnati, New York City, and hopefully Tempe, Los Angeles, and San Francisco at the end of April.

Thank you in advance for your support and if you’re presently sticking a needle into a voodoo doll of my balls, I totally understand and – oh wow, that hurt. That too. Please stop.

If you like his kind of stuff, this could be good news. I hope the best for Birbigs and I hope it doesn’t slow down his stand-up career too much. It’s far too easy to get caught up in the lazier, more lucrative periphery and I for one find comic CD release days to be magic and special times.