Sega’s got your game in Viking: Battle for Asgard, wishful Norsemen.

No, it’s not based on The Vikings (that would be all kinds of awesome), but it’s an incredibly violent hack and slash adventure game. Really, really violent.

The game also touts an open-world experience… you can quest around the world of Midgard’s three massive islands freely and find your own ways to kill your enemies. The game’s not exactly going to be a realistic take on Vikings, but instead we’re getting all kinds of mythical beasts and Norse Gods like Loki, Odin, Fenrir. If you’re up on your Norse mythology it looks like you’ll get more out of this one…. especially as it’s all leading up to Ragnarok, the final battle between the Gods.

If you want an idea of how this will play, the developers (Creative Assembly) are the guys behind the very fun-though-flawed Spartan: Total Warrior. Sometimes there’s nothing more fun than a good button masher, though… and this one’s looking pretty fantastic. There will be castle sieges to fight, and massive battles with participants numbering in the hundreds.

Check the trailer below for a look at how nicely you can chop your enemies into pieces. We won’t have long to find out how good this game is for ourselves, though, as it’s hitting both the Xbox 360 and PS3 next week on March 25th. (Snuck up on us, didn’t it?) For more info and screens check out the official site.