CHUD_BD_348x490Yesterday I mentioned a little screening in Atlanta of C.H.U.D., and that we would be submitting some prizes for the event. I thought you might like to take a look at just what we whipped up for the occasion!

You may recall an April Fools joke from a few years back, which ran down the details of the Criterion Collection publishing Douglas Cheek’s C.H.U.D. as part of their 2011 releases. Alas, this was not one of those April Fools jokes that came to be.

And while they had a perfectly fine mockup of a Criterion version of the film, I decided to go a bit further when faced with providing some prizes for last night’s screening. I didn’t want to just give away a five-year-old copy of the film, so I spent a little while putting together what I think would be a great, contemporary Criterion jacket cover with some more detail. I hope you dig it!

Click for a better look.

CHUD Criterion Collection copy