Is there anyone out there who is working on the Justice League movie? Maybe you’re an assistant or a gopher or the producer, whatever – I just want to know what the mood is like. Is everybody walking around like they’re wasting their time on a movie that is never going to happen? Is there a palpable feeling of doom in the offices of George Miller? Have they begun handing out cyanide pills?

The latest in the long list of miseries inflicted on Miller et al is the decision by the Australian Federal Government to not offer the film a rebate. The reasoning: It’s really an American film, mate. Here’s what the Sydney Morning Herald says:

The director of the equity section of the Media, Entertainment
and Arts Alliance, Simon Whipp, has lobbied against Justice
League Mortal’s
eligibility, describing it as an American story
that will be performed in American accents.

“For the public, both in Australia and outside of Australia, it
will be seen as an American film,” he said. “I have tremendous
respect for George and his work, which has been some of the most
successful films that we have ever produced. But the studio I think
in this instance is seeking to push the limits of the

What a maroon. Please, don’t bring money and work here because the accents are all wrong.

Oh, and you might have noticed this Justice League Mortal stuff – that’s the ‘working title,’ and I don’t really know if it’s going to stick or if people are going to wake up and realize they’d be better off flushing 200 million dollars down the toilet one dime at a time than calling the film a name that seems like the outcome of some refrigerator magnets.

So without the rebate it looks like the movie will move to Canada, as had been reported some  time ago. Will George Miller use this as an excuse to jump off this rapidly sinking ship? Or maybe he’ll placate the Aussie Powers That Be by making Boomerang the main villain.