Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Undead.

Well, they’ve sold one ticket on that name alone. And now the trailer for the film, which stars Jake Hoffman and the ever weird looking Devon Aoki (with assists by Jeremy Sisto and Ralph Macchio) shows that there might be something to the film beyond the jokey title. Hoffman is a guy who ends up directing an off-Broadway play with a pack of vampires – it’s like Waiting For Lestat or something. And from the trailer (which I think could be put together a little better, but who am I to judge?) that the tone and acting style of the film will be right up my alley.

Ryan Rotten at Shock Til You Drop says that the movie was shot on a newfangled digital camera that looks like film, and I have to say that when compressed into the tiny window of the Crave player, it looked great. I’m getting very interested in this film, and I’d love to see it with CHUD’s resident prosceniumiac, Mr. Beaks, so he could tell me if the film is (un)dead to rights about the behind the scenes theater stuff. As a proud American I’ve stayed away from that world.

Click here to see the trailer.