It’s true- everyone’s favorite Native American hero (fuck Turok!) is back to mess up those aliens but good. Prey 2 has been announced by a new IP management and production company called Radar Group, which is looking to work with developers to promote original games.  Prey 2 is being developed in cooperation with Human Head Studios, the guys behind the first title.

In this one, lead character Tommy has escaped from his captors and saved the Earth from an alien invasion, but now he’s been framed for the disappearance of his family and girlfriend. So he escapes the world. The game’s being developed for the Xbox 360 and PC, and I really can’t wait to check it out. Hopefully the development of this title won’t take a decade like the first, although we all know how well that finally turned out.
I know a few of you won’t know what to make of my excitement at this announcement, but such is life. The first Prey grabbed me right from the start with its amazing abduction scene (set to Blue Oyster Cult!) and then messed with my head throughout. It had an inventive use of the world’s gravity, and left many people with their heads spinning. It did portals before Portal. The weapons were fun and the multiplayer, atlhough buggy as hell, still sucked away many of my hours. It was definitely worth the long wait, and I’m glad it was a big enough of a hit that we’re going to have a sequel on the way.

Along with Prey 2, the Radar Group has a couple of original IPs on the way. Here’s the details from the press release-

Earth No More
Earth No More does away with the “lone-hero” shooter archetype, instead focusing on the dynamic between an ensemble cast that must learn to work together to survive the threat of an environmental extinction event. As Will Foster, a DHS chemical weapons specialist, you are among the first to respond to a gas attack on Washington, D.C. However, it soon becomes clear that the gas attack is a cover-up for something much more sinister. Earth No More is currently being developed in close collaboration with Recoil Games and is slated for release on next-gen consoles and PC.

Incarnate poses the question: Can evil ever die? The re-incarnated souls of history’s most evil people are converging on present-day Chicago. As Thomas Ludlow, you are recruited by a secret organization to hunt down and capture these ‘Incarnates’. But the further you dig into the reasons for their arrival, the more you learn of the true nature of your efforts and your own connection to the events unfolding before you. Stalk your prey in the wide open city, search for them in the dark places, and maybe you will survive long enough to solve the mystery of your own past. Can you break the chains of destiny, or will you let them bind you to your doom? Incarnate is currently being developed in collaboration with a yet-to-be-announced studio.

We’ll be sure to let you know more about these titles as we hear it. Always good to see a company trying to push for new games (along with a sequel to an underappreciated masterpiece, damn it).