That’s right; the game so bad the makers got sued is back baby. According to Eurogamer, the “controversial” (not the term I would have used) shooter Aliens: Colonial Marines will be getting some new single-player DLC. Leaked trophy details have revealed a new campaign chapter entitled Stasis Interrupted, which will serve as the final piece of content for Season Pass holders, those poor bastards. Details remain scarce and there’s no word yet on how much the rest of us will have to pay, but given that the last title gave new meaning to the word bughunt Gearbox may have a tough sell with this one. Normally I’d say check back here for a review, but upon hearing about the DLC Justin emitted a bloodcurdling shriek and leapt out the nearest window, while the intern we had lined up for the assignment managed to chew through his own ankle and escape. Now we can only hope that my Steam Summer Sale budget allows for some ironic purchases.

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