When first announced, the plot of Ricky Gervais’ This Side of the Truth didn’t do much for me. The idea of a man living in a society ruled by truth who invents lies essentially to score a chick seemed simultaneously too high-concept and well-trodden. But I’ll admit when I’m wrong, and every subsequent bit of news about this flick has hooked me.

(Especially Beaks’ take on the script, which the film’s website references, also saying “This is based on a draft script – so things have changed, but we’re not saying what.“)

So I’m happy to see that Gervais has continued his adventures in blogging with a set of production reports for his new film, which has been casting and scouting locations in Boston. There are two entries up now, and they both hint at the already classic Gervais approach. You’ve got two video clips, a tasty little audio bit and a few other things to offer a giggle. Hell, the fact that they’re shooting in Lowell had me laughing.

In addition to news about Truth, there are unrelated gems like this one: “In the film I’m writing with Steve Merchant I’m playing a man with a bad back who sits in an arm chair all day. If I can hide a toilet in the armchair I will have created the perfect acting job for myself.” Where do you think online writers get all their work done, Ricky? Glad you’re finally on the same page as we are.