I think Joshua Rich might be a moron. How else do you explain a man who, writing for a national magazine like Entertainment Weekly, asks Christian Bale a question like this:

What brought you back to the part of Batman? Was there something
that you didn’t get to do in the first one that you were looking
forward to doing this time around

I don’t know, Joshy ol’ buddy. Maybe it was his three fucking picture deal.

But Josh isn’t the only mongoloid manning the decaying towers of mainstream media at EW. His editor slapped this headline on the article carrying Josh’s interview:

Christian Bale: Up for a Third ‘Batman’ Movie?

This is Don Piano at his most obvious, a desperate play to get some hits from fans who are eager to read anything about their favorite franchises. If I had this same conversation with Bale I wouldn’t even imagine this was news – like I said, the guy has a three picture deal. Him coming back for another one isn’t news; him saying he won’t come back IS news. See how this works, Joshy?

By the way, in case you think I’m being too hard on this retard, here’s Josh Rich’s negative review of Idiocracy. I don’t see anything that indicates to me that Josh sat through the film.

(If someone can scare up the hard copy of that review and prove there’s actual substance to it that was lost in the trip to the web, I’ll issue an apology to Rich)