I cannot tell you how excited I am to see Shine a Light, Martin Scorsese’s Rolling Stones concert film. Yes I can.

I’m really excited.

I’m of the belief that somehow despite all evidence before them and the fact that time and mileage ruins bands, that the Stones are still relevant. Still capable. Still unbelievably good at their job. Their marriage to Martin Scorsese’s work is legendary at this point, and if you’re not in the know… the Italian director is pretty damn good at making concert films.

Shine A Light is their collaboration and it hits theaters in early April. Lucky CHUD.com readers in the Southeast who follow the rules below and INCLUDE THEIR MAILING ADDRESS might just be getting a pass for two to see this event film, just another daily bit of evidence that this site is as vital a part of your day as self-touch, a shower, and more self-touching.

Here’s how to get a pass. Answer these questions, use the link, and include your mailing address. It, like many of the people in your immediate family, IS THAT EASY.

1. Best Rolling Stones song of all time? If you put Harlem Shuffle you will NOT get a pass.

2. Best concert film of all time? If you put Hannah Montana you will NOT get a pass.

3. If CHUD.com were to host a concert, what bands would you [if we had, like, actual pull] like to see headline?