A good red-band trailer doesn’t have to be wholly different from its green-band counterpart. It can take the formula from the green-band and add in things that are more of an indication of what the final film will be like.

The new red-band trailer for Pathology, which was written by the Crank team of Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor, is a good example of that. Whereas in the green-band trailer we get only hints at the film’s sexual nature, the red-band trailer lays it right out in front of us. The red-band trailer also shows off the film’s stylishness, of which we only get brief glimpses in the other trailer. Basically, the red-band trailer makes the film look much more appealing.

Anyway, thanks to The Movie Blog, you can see below the red-band trailer for Pathology, which steals its secret medical society premise from Anatomie and goes in a different direction with it. Instead of fucking around with the insides of people who are still alive, the students in Pathology are more fun-loving; one of them murders a person, and the others figure out how it was done. The film was directed by Marc Schoelermann and stars Milo Ventimiglia (Heroes) and Michael Weston (The Last Kiss, Garden State). It hits some theaters April 18.