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La Grande Bouffe

Once again this week we can say “FUCK YOU DEATH!” because Jim Kelly is no longer with us. He had some great roles in Enter The Dragon and Three The Hard Way, along with full on starring roles in stuff like Black Belt Jones. I suggest picking up the Urban Action 4 Pack that Warner Bros. put out as it has Three The Hard Way and Black Belt Jones on it. Can be picked up pretty cheaply as well.

The B-Action Thread had quite the fun time starting with dude hallenbeck bringing us a .pdf that is a very long and detailed treatment for a potential Jean-Claude Van Damme tv series called Luxury Meets Justice.


Here it is:

The fun thing is that this treatment reads like he’s been hitting the pipe or sniffing paint thinner as it’s really bizarre.

Our very own Moltisanti brings us a few tidbits from the treatment.

“Maya is the leader of Falcon Force and has the function of a queen bee – to produce children”

“Secretly she wants to seduce JCVD – she is still a virgin”


MrSaxon also provided a few pictures. Here’s one to rattle your brains.






felix, engineer, and myself submit our Jaeger bots from the Pacific Rim website.



felix JaegerPoster







Michael Caine’s hilarious environmental message from On Deadly Ground is posted.




A brief discussion on Paul W.S. Anderson’s sorely underrated film Soldier is brought up. Yes I’m a fan as well as these gents: felix, BrickBurgundy, MrSaxon, Gunner, dude hallenbeck, and dilla7.

felix brings us the news that Yahan Ruhian aka INDONESIAN AL LEONG will be back in The Raid 2.

 Fat Elvis brings us the news that Walter Hill’s The Driver is available for pre-order on Blu-ray over at Screen Archives, and that Sylvester Stallone’s marvelous foray into comedy, Rhinestone will be hitting Blu-ray as well!









Ah, The Toolbox Murders. The plot is as simple as the title. A madman (Cameron Mitchell) who is a landlord of an apartment complex goes about killing people who he believes are bad due to his religious upbringing.

Now you may think that’s the entire thing right there. He just kills a bunch of people throughout the movie right? Wrong. After the first section of the movie where several people are gruesomely killed (Screwdriver, Drill, NAIL GUN) the movie settles into a bit of a “quiet mode” where it focuses on the lead girl and we get to know a bit about Cameron Mitchell’s character as well and just why he’s been driven mad.

This is a great low budget entry in the then burgeoning Slasher genre. The film debuted in 1978 just when slasher films were going to start booming, and it’s quite bold to have that title and start off the way it does, then ease off into a bit of a character piece. The final image in the film is very haunting however, and the climax is pretty surprising.

Another thing that sets this film apart from other horror films is that rather than have a traditional horror score, the film has a lot of Country music in it. In an interesting twist, the music actually helps the film. During the drilling death, a nice song called “Carolina In The Morning” is played and is juxtaposed with the gruesomeness on screen. Likewise, during the nail gun murder, a sweet and tender song called “Pretty Lady” plays.

The fairly gory set pieces and music aside, the other reason to see the film is Cameron Mitchell. The man really thrusts himself into the role and even throws in odd things like humming along to the music that is playing after he finishes his killing, and at one point, putting a ski mask on uneven where only one eye hole and part of the mouth hole cover his whole face. Giving a distorted and disturbing look to him.

The Toolbox Murders is certainly worth your time if you dig horror movies or exploitation movies. They don’t make them like this anymore people.



“L-O- L-L-I-P-O-P that spells lollipop!”