While this announcement doesn’t really affect me that much, as my only local theater is a new Cobb theater, I am happy about the positive effect this will have for the millions of CHUD readers who regularly visit Edwards, United Artists or Regal movies theaters.

See, the Regal Entertainment Group, which owns those three theater chains, has decided they will once again show red-band trailers in their theaters. This is a big deal, because REG is far and away the largest theater chain in North America.

The Hollywood Reporter draws a pretty logical connection between the demise of the theatrical red-band trailer and an FTC report released in September, 2000, called (this title is a doozy) Marketing Violent Entertainment to Children: A Review of Self-Regulation and Industry Practices in the Motion Picture, Music Recording & Electronic Game Industries.

As far as theater advertising went, the report called for (but did not require) theaters to not show trailers for R-rated films in front of PG- and G-rated films*, and it seems the theaters took that one step further as to avoid pissing anyone off. But now, Sony is at least partially contributing the success of Superbad to its online red-band trailer, and Regal is all about making money (because, you know, they are a for-profit organization).

There’s a pretty odd statement from Universal’s Adam Fogelson in that THR article: “I don’t think anybody is arguing that all red-band trailers are appropriate in front of all R-rated movies,” Fogelson said. “For example, it would not be appropriate for a red band trailer for a movie like American Pie to run in front of Schindler’s List. We all want to be smart and careful about the use of red band trailers, working closely with our partners in exhibition. We don’t want moviegoers seeing material that is inconsistent with the movies they are going to see.”

This’s silly, Adam, considering you wouldn’t put a green-band American Pie trailer in front of Schindler’s List either. I think you’ll be fine if you stick to your normal trailer-placement practices, Adam.

Anyway, those who frenquent REG theaters can hopefully look forward to seeing Forgetting Sarah Marshall and being treated to red-band trailers for The Foot Fist Way, Tropic Thunder and Pineapple Express.

*Hilariously, one of the follow-ups applauds Warner Bros. for going beyond even what the FTC suggested, being extremely careful not to market their R-rated content to kids. Then, they went and put the trailer for The Matrix Reloaded in front of Attack of the Clones.