I Am Legend (Widescreen Two-Disc Special Edition)
Francis Lawrence
c. Will Smith

  • Creating I Am Legend Minidocumentary Gallery: Over 50-minutes of behind-the-scenes material (Blu-ray Exclusive)
  • Cautionary Tale: The Science of I Am Legend – Exploring the history of pandemic viral infections and the reality of life-threatening microbes lying in wait to impact humankind (Blu-ray Exclusive)
  • 4 Animated Comics: Death As A Gift, Isolation, Sacrificing the Few for the Many and Shelter
  • Alternate Version

I liked I am Legend. It was my Christmas Day movie last year and I really enjoyed almost everything about it. Will Smith is really progressing as one of Hollywood’s top leading actors and he carried this movie practically by himself. For most of the running time it was just a boy and his dog story. Well, a boy, his dog and a bunch of mutant cannibal things. Based on the novella by Richard Matheson, this is the third adaptation of the material. The first was Vincent Price’s The Last Man on Earth. The second was Charlton Heston’s The Omega Man. This version is the least faithful to the original material, but I feel it keeps the atmosphere of the novella until the ending. There are things I missed in the adaptation, especially the neighbor tormenting Neville from outside his house, but that was not possible as the movie chose not to make the monsters vampires, but instead mutated beings. However, the biggest complaint from most people was the ending. I have read that the ending was too upbeat, but that is just crap. The ending of the book (which I will not spoil here – BUY IT, READ IT) was necessary for both the context of the title and the purpose of the story. The movie did what I feel was best to keep both the readers happy and the general film-going population satisfied when leaving the theater. When I heard this DVD would include an alternate ending, I held out hope that it would be the ending of the novella and couldn’t wait to see it. Well, I saw an alternate version online recently, and if it is indeed the one on the DVD, which I would have no reason to doubt – it fails miserably. The ending I saw online completely disregards the tone and theme of the original source material and ends on a sham. What had originally excited me when I heard about the alternate ending was the biggest disappointment of them all, as the end of the theatrical cut still retained a semblance of the original stories purpose.

Southland Tales
d. Richard Kelly
c. Sarah Michelle Gellar, Dwayne Johnson, Seann William Scott

  • USIDent TV: Surveilling the Southland featurette
  • This Is The Way The World Ends Animated Short

Finally, the world can see what all the fuss was about. Is it a train wreck of epidemic proportions or a harmless post apocalyptic film? Is it a cult film ready to happen or a jumbled mess that will be forgotten the week after it is released? I know we have been warned by the writers on this very site that the movie is a catastrophic mess that should be avoided like the bubonic plague. On the other hand, Empire Magazine reviewed the re-edited version and believed it was a decent movie that worked much better than the one that was booed and ridiculed at Cannes. Didn’t Clerks II get a 5-minute standing ovation at Cannes? Back to topic, Kelly followed up his very good Donnie Darko with this tale described as an apocalyptic, action, sci-fi, black comedy musical. Ok. He then reached out to fan boys everywhere by releasing a prequel in graphic novel form. I looked through it and could not wrap my mind around the art, which turned me off almost instantly. The movie tells the tale of an action film actor, a former porn star and twin brothers during “a catastrophe of unimaginable proportions which sent America into war.” Alrighty then. I’m gonna reserve judgment till I see this, but I really wish he had made that film about a time capsule that was recovered that predicted the nation’s greatest tragedies instead. This one just seems – too large scale for a sophomore filmmaker. Baby steps, Richard. Baby steps.

The Ice Storm – Criterion Collection
Mafioso – Criterion Collection
Antonio Gaudi – Criterion Collection


  • The Ice Storm Special Features
  • New, restored high-definition digital transfer, supervised and approved by director Ang Lee and director of photography Frederick Elmes
  • Audio commentary featuring Lee and producer-screenwriter James Schamus
  • New documentary featuring interviews with actors Joan Allen, Kevin Kline, Tobey Maguire, Christina Ricci, Sigourney Weaver, and Elijah Wood
  • New video interview with novelist Rick Moody
  • Deleted scenes
  • Footage from an event honoring Lee and Schamus at New York’s Museum of the Moving Image
  • Visual essays featuring interviews with the cinematographer, production designer, and costume designer
  • Theatrical trailer
  • PLUS: A new essay by film critic Bill Krohn

  • Mafioso Special Features
  • New, restored high-definition digital transfer
  • A 1996 interview with director Alberto Lattuada by filmmaker Daniele Luchetti
  • New interviews with the director’s wife, actress Carla Del Poggio (Variety Lights), and son Alessandro Lattuada
  • Trailers for the original Italian release and the 2007 U.S. rerelease
  • Gallery of promotional caricatures by artist Keiko Kimura
  • New and improved English subtitle translation
  • PLUS: New essays by Phillip Lopate and Roberto Chiesi and a 1982 interview with Alberto Lattuada

  • Antonio Gaudi Special Features
  • New, restored high-definition digital transfer
  • New video interview with architect Arata Isozaki
  • Gaudí, Catalunya, 1959, footage from director Hiroshi Teshigahara’s first trip to Spain
  • Visions of Space: Antonio Gaudí, a one-hour documentary on the architect’s life and work
  • A BBC program on Gaudí by director Ken Russell
  • Sculptures by Sofu—Vita, a short film by Teshigahara on the sculpture of his father, Sofu Teshigahara
  • Original theatrical trailer
  • New and improved English subtitle translation
  • PLUS: A booklet featuring a new essay by art historian Dore Ashton, a reminiscence by Hiroshi Teshigahara, and Hiroshi and Sofu discussing their trip to the West

Criterion is delivering a three-punch this week with a release by Ang Lee, a documentary by Japanese avant-garde filmmaker Hiroshi Teshigahara and an Italian crime comedy by Alberto Lattuada. I spoke at length about The Ice Storm and Antonio Gaudi in last week’s Coming Soon, so I’ll just give you some info about Mafioso here. Lattuada was an Italian film director who worked from 1942-1986. His major commercial successes have been Bianco, rosso e . . . , which he wrote especially for Sophia Loren; Matchless, a parody of the spy genre; Anna, the first Italian film to gross over one billion lire in its national distribution; La spiaggia, a bitter satire of bourgeois realism; and Mafioso, starring Alberto Sordi and filmed in New York, Sicily, and Milan. He also co-directed Variety Lights with Federico Fellini, which was Fillini’s feature film debut. Mafioso tells the story of a Fiat factory foreman (Sordi) who returns with his family to his Sicilian hometown, where he finds that he must fulfill the wishes of the local don. This is a great week for Criterion releases, and any of the three offered are worth your time.

Shemp Cocktail: A Toast to the Original Stooge

Shemp Howard was best known as one of the original Three Stooges. He started his career with his older brother Moe as part of the “Ted Healey and His Stooges” group. He would leave that and go on to star with such top comedians as Roscoe Arbuckle, Jack Haley, W.C. Fields and Abbot and Costello. His film career would also include working with Charlie Chan, Lon Chaney Jr., and John Wayne. When his younger brother Curly suffered a debilitating stroke he replaced him in the Three Stooges shorts and when it became clear Curly would not recover, he remained on until he suffered a heart attack and died on November 22, 1955. Shemp has since become a pop culture reference thanks to Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi. In The Evil Dead Companion, it is noted that after Shemp passed away, Columbia needed to finish several of the shorts and hired an actor to keep his head down and pretend to be Shemp. Raimi and Campbell spotted these “Fake Shemps” immediately and in their Super-8 short It’s Murder called all the doubles “Fake Shemps.” This would remain a constant in Raimi’s movies including the big budget Spiderman films. Films on this DVD include Henry the Ache (1934), Knife of the Party (1934), Convention Girl (1935), Private Buckaroo (1942), Africa Screams (1949), The Brideless Groom (1947), Sing a Song of Six Pants (1947), Malice in the Palace (1949) and Camel Comedy Caravan (1950). Also included is Remembering Shemp – An intimate look at Shemp Howard’s life and career featuring exclusive interviews with Shemp’s daughter-in-law, Geri Howard Greenbaum; Geri’s sister, Diane Silvers; and Shemp’s granddaughter, Jill Howard Ullo. These reminiscences are supplemented by rare, never-before-seen home movies, personal photos, and priceless memorabilia.

After Dark Horrorfest


Horrorfest was created as a celebration of the horror genre, releasing their 8 Films to Die For series across the nation to introduce people to new horror films. These films vary from very bad to decent but the important thing was always to promote the genre that was developed to scare and titillate viewers. This recent series of films includes such actors as Sean Astin (Rudy), Michael Madsen (Reservoir Dogs), Vinnie Jones (Snatch), Robert Carradine (Revenge of the Nerds), Traci Lords (underage porn!!), Dina Meyer (Starship Troopers), Luke Goss (Hellboy II) and M.C. Gainey (Lost). The storylines include tales of reincarnation, stalker killers, psychotic redneck killers, blood cults, infected savages, post-apocalyptic societies and ghosts. It’s mostly lowbrow scares, but if you like B-level horror, here ya go.

Pride of the Yankees
Bull Durham (20th Anniversary Edition)
Eight Men Out (20th Anniversary Edition)


  • Pride of the Yankees Special Features
  • The Making of Pride of the Yankees featurette
  • The Man behind the Iron Horse featurette – Discusses the real Lou Gehrig
  • What He Left Behind featurette – A look at the Lou Gehrig memorabilia currently housed at the Baseball Hall of Fame
  • Always featurette – A look at the hit song that came from the film
  • Lou Gehrig’s Disease: The Search For A Cure featurette – An interview with baseball great Curt Schilling discussing Lou Gehrig’s Disease and the latest developments in fighting it.
  • Curt Schilling: A Legend on a Legend – Baseball star Curt Schilling discusses Lou Gehrig
  • Bull Durham Special Features
  • Audio Commentary from director Ron Shelton
  • Audio Commentary from Kevin Costner and Tim Robbins
  • “The Greatest Show On Dirt” featurette – Twenty years later the cast, crew and fans remember Bull Durham
  • “Diamonds In The Rough” featurette – Explores minor league baseball
  • “Between The Lines: The Making Of Bull Durham” featurette
  • “Kevin Costner Profile”
  • Eight Men Out Special Features
  • Audio Commentary from director John Sayles
  • Story behind the Movie featurette that takes an in-depth look at the Black Sox Scandal
  • DB, The Bat & The 2005 World Series featurette that looks at the 2005 White Sox World Series Championship.

With baseball season ready to start up, the time comes for some new hardball releases. Well, not exactly new. As a matter of fact, Pride of the Yankees was just re-released less than one year ago in a 65th Anniversary Edition. I remember when it came out, I noted that the only extra feature was the theatrical trailer. Well, I hope they got all kinds of money from people because now they are making the film’s fans dip yet again if they want extra features (both the anniversary edition and original DVD release are still available to purchase, and both are the exact same DVD save the cover art). Well, this time you get lots of extras including a seemingly controversial feature where Boston Red Sox picture Curt Schilling talks about Lou Gehrig. What, they couldn’t get a Yankee to do the tribute? Mike Mussina too busy? Bull Durham also looks like a good upgrade in the special features category too and remains arguably the best baseball movie ever made. Eight Men Out is a spectacular little movie dealing with the infamous 1919 Black Sox scandal.

Guy Ritchie
c. Jason Statham, Ray Liotta, Vincent Pastore, Andre Benjamin

  • Commentary with Director Guy Ritchie and Editor James Herbert
  • Revolver: Making the Music featurette
  • Deleted and extended scenes
  • Alternate opening sequence with Guy Richie
  • Alternate ending
  • Making of featurette
  • Outtakes
  • Gallery

Revolver is a 2005 movie directed by Guy Ritchie (Snatch) that had yet to be released in the U.S. It has been called over complicated and deliberately confusing by critics, the plot revolving around a con-man named Jake Green (Jason Statham) who gets out of prison and plans to use an unbeatable con called “The Formula” against old adversary Dorothy Macha (Ray Liotta). Statham has earned a surprising success for what has amounted to a career of playing a B-level action hero. While this formula worked so well in the 80s (see Schwarzenegger and Stallone) it is not really a path to anything but straight to DVD during recent times (see Van Damme and Seagal). With great performances in Snatch and Crank as well as showing great charisma in lesser films such as the Transporter films, Statham has started to build a pretty solid career of entertaining action flicks. His recent release of The Bank Job and the upcoming sequel to Crank might have something to do with Revolver finally securing a U.S. release. We can finally see if it is the jumbled mess some claim it to be or the next Donnie Darko, as others have quipped. I hope it is not so bad that people start to long for War or In the Name of the King.

The Dragon Painter
d. William Worthington

  • Thomas Ince’s THE WRATH OF THE GODS (1914. 60 mins.)
  • Comedy short SCREEN SNAPSHOTS (1921. 5 mins.)
  • Original script of THE WRATH OF THE GODS
  • Stills Gallery including illustrations from Mary McNeil Fenollosa’s novel and images of turn-of-the-century Japan by legendary photographer Herbert G. Ponting
  • ‘How to Build Your Own Volcano': recreate the climax from WRATH OF THE GODS! (DVD-ROM)
  • Milestone’s press kit for THE DRAGON PAINTER (DVD-ROM)
  • Mary McNeil Fenollosa’s novel THE DRAGON PAINTER (DVD-ROM)
  • ‘Hollywood’s First Asian Cycle’, an essay by film historian Brian Taves (DVD-ROM)

The Dragon Painter is said to be the first film to bring a taste of Japanese culture to western audiences and stars Sessue Hayakawa who would go on to earn an Academy Award nomination for his portrayal of Col. Saito in The Bridge on the River Kwai. This silent era film tells the story of a hermit who promises to paint portrayals of his lost love until the day she returns. When a surveyor comes across the paintings he determines that he must convince the hermit that his lost love has returned so he can lure him from his mountain home to become a suitable heir to renowned artist Kano Indara. The DVD is stacked with goodies including two other obscure Hayakawa films from this period: The Wrath of the Gods and a short subject that includes Roscoe “Fatty” Arbuckle called Screen Snapshots.



  • The D-Files – Enchanted is loaded with witty hidden references to classic Disney films. The D-Files” rewards players who spot them with a short featurette showing the original Disney reference. High scoring players are treated to three extra special videos: “So Close,” “Making Ever Ever After” and “True Love’s Kiss.” (Blu-ray Exclusive)
  • Pip’s Predicament: A Pop-up Adventure – Giselle’s chipmunk friend Pip stars in this new short—magical pop-up, storybook style. While Giselle gets used to life in New York, Pip embarks on a daring mission to rescue Prince Edward.
  • Fantasy Comes To Life – Discover the cinematic wizardry that went into the making of Enchanted in three behind-the-scenes featurettes: “Happy Working Song,” “That’s How You Know,” “A Blast at the Ball”
  • Deleted Scenes – Including exclusive intros by director Kevin Lima
  • Bloopers



  • Deleted Scenes with Commentary by Director Joe Wright
  • The Making of Atonement
  • Novel to the Screen
  • Feature Commentary with Director Joe Wright

Love in the Time of Cholera

  • Feature audio commentary by director Mike Newell
  • “The Making of Love in the Time of Cholera” documentary
  • Alternate/deleted scenes with optional audio commentary
  • Theatrical trailer

The Seeker – The Dark is Rising

  • Bare Boned



Battlestar Galactica – Season Three
The Wild Wild West – The Fourth Season
Bionic Woman – Volume One
Married With Children – The Complete Eighth Season
McHale’s Navy: Season Three

Adventures of Robin Hood – Complete First Season
The Untouchables – Season Two, Vol. 1
Greek – Chapter One
Best of Laredo: Season, 1 Part 2
Life After People (History Channel)
The Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm Show – The Complete Series

Bleach, Volume 9: The Entry (Episodes 33-36)
Eureka Seven, Volume 12 (Episodes 47-50)
A Pup Named Scooby-Doo: The Complete First Season

Checkmate: Best of Season Two
Arrest and Trial: Best of Season 1
Steve Canyon (Special Edition)


Conspiracy (Gary Cole, Val Kilmer)
Boys Love

Johnny Cash: The Line, Walking with a Legend
Don’t Drink the Water (Jackie Gleason, Michael Constantine)
Rumble on the Rock – The Superstar Collection (UFC)
Lost (Dean Cain, Danny Trejo)
The Sick House
Hooks to the Left
Bulldog in the Whitehouse
Legends of Suspense (8 DVD) (Alfred Hitchcock and Sherlock Holmes)
The Long Way Home: A Bigfoot Story
The Worst Horror Movie Ever Made: The Re-Make
Amok Train (Bo Svenson)
Alpha Male (Chris Egan, Jennifer Ehle)
Trigger Man
Zorro: The Masked Avenger
Full Count (Michael Rooker, William Baldwin)
Into the Blue (1997 TV Movie)
West of Here (Mary Stuart Masterson, Josh Hamilton)
Soul Searcher
The Unseen (Catherine Dent, Steve Harris)
Dead Cool (Rosanna Arquette)
The Blood Grinder
The Intelligence Men (1965)


No Reservations – $16.99
The Seeker – $19.99
Love In The Time Of Cholera – $19.99
101 Dalmatians: Platinum Edition – $14.99

Atonement – $16.99 *
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Independence Day – $14.99
I, Robot – $14.99
Ali – $14.99
Men in Black II – $14.99
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Bad Boys II – $14.99
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The Deaths of Ian Stone, Mulberry Street, Borderline, Crazy Eights, Tooth & Nail, Nightmare Man, Unearthed, Lake Dead, The Gravedancers, The Hamiltons, Unrest, The Abandoned, Penny Dreadful, Reincarnation, Dark Ride, Wicked Little Things

$14.99 EACH:
Bee Movie, Snow Buddies, SAW IV: Unrated Director’s Cut, Good Luck Chuck, WAR, 3:10 To Yuma, In The Valley Of Elah, The Game Plan, Jungle Book: 40th Anniversary Edition, The Aristocats: Special Edition, Spider-man 3, Surf’s Up, Reign Over Me, Dragon Wars, Hot Rod, The Heartbreak Kid, Ratatouille, August Rush, Michael Clayton, Tyler Perry’s Why Did I Get Married?, Nancy Drew, Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World’s End, Superbad, Resident Evil: Extinction

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Open Season
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Superbad: Unrated Extended Edition
Rocky Balboa
The Pursuit Of Happyness
Gridiron Gang

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The Simpson’s Movie
The Game Plan

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