When we last heard about Farragut North (way back in October of ’07), it was being discussed as a potential director/starring combo for George Clooney and Leonardo DiCaprio.  According to Clooney at today’s Leatherheads junket, that potential is about to get realized.

As for whether DiCaprio is on board, no one thought to ask that question (good work, assembled journalists!), but Clooney did shoot down any suggestion that he might appear in the film.  “I think there are a lot better actors for that than me,” laughed the man who probably finished second in the Best Actor voting this year.  Though Beau Willimon’s play – which will make its Broadway debut this summer under the direction of Doug Hughes (and not Mike Nichols as previously rumored) – is about a presidential election, Clooney doesn’t expect to start production until next year.  This seems like really bad timing, but if the material is as brilliant as I’ve heard, it won’t matter when it’s released. 

I just hope Clooney can go 4-4 as a director with Farragut North.  You can see him go 3-3 this April 4th with Leatherheads.