We knew as early as two years ago that GTA V was going to be the most ambitious game Rockstar have ever attempted, and today, via their sporadic Asked & Answered column, Rockstar is detailing the cost of ambition for the rest of us. Gird your loins: The game will require a mandatory EIGHT GB install. And not just on PS3, where you expect to be able to get through half of Fellowship of the Ring before playing a new game, but on 360 as well. For 360, the game will ship on two discs. The install is all on Disc 1; the game is on Disc 2. Thankfully, this is one of those lucky games you can install to a USB drive if necessary, but JESUS.

At least they had the courtesy to slip this info out to us now, when we have two months to clear whatever the hell it is clogging your hard drive, and it’s at least an unfriendly reminder for me I should probably get Blood Dragon beaten sooner than later, but the moral of the story is that whatever’s next for them, Rockstar’s gonna need that sweet next gen horsepower more than anyone else in the near future.
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