Which means they’ve cast her in the Eddie Albert role!

I don’t know why Disney has opted for the Witch Mountain franchise when they’ve got Unidentified Flying Oddball just screaming for an update; maybe it’s a timing thing with Dennis Dugan.  I dunno.  In any event, the Andy Fickman-directed Race to Witch Mountain isn’t just adding the steamy Carla Gugino; they’re also bringing in Garry Marshall!  Whoa, fellas!  Are you casting a kiddie flick or a Tinto Brass movie?  C’mon!  Let’s keep things decent!

The screenplay by Mark Bomback concerns a Las Vegas cab driver’s efforts to keep a couple of psychic kids out of the clutches of bad folks (pedophile gamblers desperate to harness their power to score the trifecta at the Hambletonian).  Gugino will play a “discredited astrophysicist and UFO expert” who routinely wears blouses that are several sizes too small, while Marshall will appear as a “UFO conspiracy theorist/fringe scientist” who once fucked Marlene Dietrich and won’t shut up about it.  Alexander Ludwig and AnnaSophia Robb have been cast as the kids.

I have nothing more to add on Race to Witch Mountain (which begins shooting this month in Los Angeles), but I did love this sentence from The Hollywood Reporter story:  “[Garry] Marshall has showcased his menschy appeal in numerous supporting roles for decades.”