A Nice Hard Slap – Hating John Malkovich

After this year’s fun but forgettable Burn After Reading and seeing the trailer for The Changeling, every iota of my tolerance for John Malkovich’s schtick is gone. His. Line. Reading. Emphasis. Has. Worn. Out. Its. Welcome.

an actor with such a commanding presence, such a unique vibe and
appearance just squandering all of the goodwill he’s built up (and
deserved) by coasting on the hammy and overdone “Malkovich Method” to
the point of being a cartoon.

the second trailer for the Eastwood/Jolie joint seems to showcase some
more subtle work from the guy but I remember when seeing Malkovich’s
name in the credits of a film was something to be excited about. Now I
just get faint Shatnerian hints of overcooked performances on the
horizon and it makes me sad.

Irons and Ben Kingsley need to get with the program too. There’s no
reason an actor can’t take a paycheck gig AND put in good work. Simply
no reason at all.

Teddy KGB… consider yourself on notice.

Nick Nunziata is in love with the image below.