We haven’t written much on David Gordon Green’s Pineapple Express, and you’ve sure let us hear about it, so here’s a link to the new, MPAA-approved theatrical trailer.  Now get off our freakin’ backs already!

may be asking, “What’s the difference between this and the red-band
trailer from a month ago?”  The answer:  no joints, no bongs and no
sticky-icky.  Without any overt references to the demon weed, it looks
like Pineapple Express
is about a bunch of dudes who go apeshit over their love for cigarettes
– i.e. it plays like the funniest movie John Cassavetes never made
(utterly unrelated:  I wonder if Judd Apatow is a Cassavetes fan). 
Seriously, the trailer does a fantastic job of insinuating its pot
comedy premise without violating the MPAA’s puritanical insistence that
all-ages audiences be shielded from the awful reality of substance
abuse.  Luckily, the film is much more than just the sum of its stoner
gags; it’s got Seth Rogen wire-work fer crissakes!

This is where I piss and moan that we have to wait until August 8th to see Pineapple Express.  If Tropic Thunder lives up to the promise of its teaser, August could be a terrific month for R-rated action comedy.  Aren’t you excited!?!?