A whole ton of news about Capcom’s upcoming downloadable games has hit (courtesy of their recent Digital Day), and some of it is looking fantastic.

The biggest news is that Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix looks like it’s finally going to be released, and will actually be having a beta test for Xbox Live Gold subscribers. The only way to download the beta is to purchase Capcom’s Wolf of the Battlefield: Commando 3 for 10 bucks when it hits this Spring. It makes sense for Capcom- I don’t know many people that were interested in buying another Commando game, but you can bet that people will now in order to check out Street Fighter early.

The game’s looking pretty beautiful as well. The updated art definitely does the series favors, and makes me wonder if people will like this version better than Street Fighter 4. The actual gameplay from the original is reportedly intact, it just looks a helluva lot better. Every little bit of art has been updated by Udon Entertainment, the guys behind the Street Fighter comics. The characters are on display in 1080p high def widescreen, and the game will allow you the option of listening to the original tunes or new, remixed versions.

Other old games receiving digital updates will include both Bionic Commando (which we told you about here) and their vertically scrolling shooter 1942. This game will be titled 1942: Joint Strike and will hit this summer, and once again feature a completely revamped look. It’s going to be fully 3d, although it will apparently play much the same way the original games did. It will also feature 2-player co-op modes both on and off line, and allow you to join together for the Joint Strike move from the title. It’s also looking pretty fantastic.

If they can get it playing as well as the original series, this should be one to take notice of.

It’s not all revamps of classic games that they’ve got coming out, though. Capcom also just announced a new title called Plunder for Live Arcade, Playstation Network and PCs. It’s a multiplayer real-time strategy game being developed by Certain Affinity, the guys behind some of the downloadable maps for Halo 2.

Plunder supports 4 people on one console and 8 online, and is looking like much more of a casual game, as you can tell by the simple objectives (get money to customize your ship!) and art style. We’ll find out how it plays sometime in June when it’s released.

Some other news hit as well, such as the new Xbox 360 Platinum Hits version of Lost Planet (Lost Planet: Extreme Condition Colonies Edition- Capcom sure loves their wordy titles) that will have new content and be playable against PC gamers who pick up the same game, and new screens of We Love Golf! for the Wii… but, let’s be honest- the older stuff is more exciting.