We can do this one of two ways.

I can tell you all about Run, Fatboy, Run or I can tell you that it stars Simon Pegg. If the latter doesn’t do it for you, I find it very hard to believe you’ve been reading this site for more than a week.

And really, what has been interesting enough this week to justify your patronage? Devin’s scoop about who isn’t writing the next Man of Steel film? I doubt it. Is it my blog about Mormon Masturbation Taboos? Unlikely. The fact we’re running 6 DVD reviews of No Country for Old Men this week? Nah.

Either way, Run, Fatboy, Run is David Schwimmer’s directorial debut, written by Stella alum Michael Ian Black and Pegg, and starring Simon and Thandie Newton and is about a man who tries to win back the woman he jilted by competing against her new man (Hank Azaria) in a race. But he’s out of shape!

Bottom line: There’s a new Simon Pegg movie and therefore you must see it.

This screening applies to Atlanta residents only. Use the link below and leave your name and mailing address. Perhaps you’ll win a pass for two!