burberry-spring-summer-2011-advertising-campaign-2It’s too brief to make much of, but the clip above is our first look at Lars Von Trier’s Nymphomaniac. Featuring Sophie Kennedy Clark as the mentor and Stacey Martin as the trainee, the clip captures a brief moment before two apparent prostitutes begin trolling for johns on the train. There’s the typical Von Trier ominousness to the scene, and I like how the peeks into the train car are rather loaded since we know Charlotte Gainsbourgh is the eponymous character here. This rookie, (chocolate-seeking?) hooker might be getting more than she bargained for through that door.

Stacy-Martin-Eva-Doll-by-Dominic-Clarke-for-C-Heads-Summer-Issue-29-14So far we’ve got the clip above, a more-than-meets-the-eye poster, a still, and some details on how Von Trier’s pulled off his sex scenes.┬áThe film has its Danish premiere on Christmas Day, but we’re still waiting on word of a US release date.