Coming Soon has the exclusive premiere of the poster for Danny McBride’s The Foot Fist Way, which opens May 30. Click here to check out the whole thing.

I’d like to take this space to address concerns that have been aired a number of times over the years: namely that we, the internet movie news people, play up things too much and that by the time you see the thing, you’re disappointed that it did not gently cup your balls while blowing you and then scrub the caked on shit off that one baking tray that’s been soaking for the last day. Sorry, I guess. There are some things you have to keep in mind, though. One is that you, the people who read this site and other movie sites every day all day, are really in the minority. The rest of the people come by once in a while, and if you look at the menu bar to the left of these words you’ll see that stories drop off pretty damn quick. For this occasional majority, we’re not overhyping the film – we may just be barely catching their attention! Ponder on that, mothafucka.

The second thing is that sometimes I feel like I can’t win with you, Faithful Reader. You get on my case when I’m negative about a movie and you get on my case when I’m psyched about a movie. I’m a human nerd, just like you – prick me, do I not bleed? – and I get excited about movies. Especially good ones. Over the years I’ve learned to tamp my hyperbole down, but the fact is that if I see a movie I really like, I’m going to get pumped up and want to tell you how good it is. When it comes to The Foot Fist Way, we’re all in the same boat – I haven’t seen it, but what I’ve seen of Danny McBride tells me that this is guy is it, the real deal. I’ve heard nothing but superlatives from everyone I know who saw this film, but I’m walking in with my expectations in check because I’m an intelligent adult.

So yeah, we’re going to keep on pimping The Foot Fist Way. And we’ll pimp the shit out of Pineapple Express this summer as well. I’d rather go a little overboard supporting a good movie than leave it out there unloved.