First of all I’d like to apologies for my previous post. I really felt I needed to vent my career frustrations and the only outlet I could find was my CHUD blog. When I signed up to blog for CHUD, one of the reasons I gave to demonstrate how appropriate I’d be for the “job” was that by having attended film school and by having tried to make it in the business I has plenty of horror stories to tell. My previous post sort of counts as one of those horror stories, so I guess I did what I said I was going to do, and yet I feel compelled to apologize for it. So: I’M SORRY FOR WASTING THE TIME OF THE VERY FEW PEOPLE WHO HAD THE MISFORTUNE OF READING THAT CRAP.

So as I reported in my previous post, I was part of Imaginaton 2008, a Colombian film and video marathon where participants must create a 1 minute short film in sequence shot. I decided to be the lone ranger and make my 1 minute short by myself. It was incredibly challenging and lonely, half way through the shoot I had to completely change the story, I decided to digitally replace an element – which made me age about ten years in one day, and my computer took almost I whole day to render the damn thing. The video was due on a Sunday at 8 pm. I burned the dvd that Sunday at 7pm. But I made it. At the end of it all, my eyes couldn’t focus, my head felt like an angry alien was living inside of it, and the video ended up not looking exactly how I wanted but I had fun. Great experience and I learned more After Effects by making that video than by studying a manual. Good Times!

Although as a Colombian Obama wasn’t the most convenient choice for us, and as we all know candidates make many promises with no real guaranty of actually keeping them, at least Americans chose a candidate that at the very least is different from their previous president. And “different” is never a bad thing, so congrats!

It took me a while to become part of facebook and I’ve learned to like the damn thing. But that’s not what I want to write about. The thing is, even if facebook is a terribly impersonal way to keep in touch with friends or people you know, good behavior should not be put aside, especially when it comes to friend requests. When it comes to people you know, you can accept or reject someone, and that’s fine because at least you know where you stand. But when you leave someone in limbo by not accepting them and not rejecting them – leaving the person in a perpetual state of “awaiting friend confirmation”- … Well, that’s just mean! I’m writing this because I’ve been left in the awful “awaiting friend confirmation” limbo. I found a blog post about a girl who was left in limbo, too, and she mentions a way to remove friend requests. I shall try it now. And if anyone with a facebook account reads this, trust me when I say it is better to reject a friend request that leave the person eternally waiting.