Sometimes when I look at movies or books or bands I get a Pearl Jam song in my head. I hear Eddie Vedder singing ‘This is not for you.’ There’s no shame in not being the focus of marketing anymore; it’s time to let the kids have their moment in the sun.

Unless they’re vampires, in which case they can have their moment in the pitch black. But as I watched the new trailer for Lost Boys: The Tribe, I heard Eddie singing, and it wasn’t just to drown out the awful song on the soundtrack. Vampires engaged in X-Treme bike antics are most definitely not aimed at the over-30 set, so I hope it appeals to the kids.

You can see the whole trailer right here; you can also see the very shirt the Feldog was wearing when I interviewed him last week on his reality show. Lost Boys: The Tribe comes out this summer on DVD, and maybe between now and then I’ll hear something that will convince me to pick it up since this trailer hasn’t filled that function.