Here we have our first images out of Darren Aronofsky’s Noah, the brilliant filmmakers long-time dream project finally brought to full life, care of an effectively blank check post-Black Swan. The production had some interesting ups and downs, which included having to dismantle a water-built set in preparation for Hurricane Sandy’s devastation. There have been some really interesting looks at the production from Aronofsky himself, but here we have our first good look at a number of characters, including Anthony Hopkin’s Methuselah and Ray Winstone as the screaming antagonist.

These are super blockbustery shots- they almost look like the processed character poster images before all of the graphic elements are overlayed. Lots of rugged textiles and dramatic gravity. It all fits with Aronofsky’s version of the story, in which Noah doesn’t built a boat so much as a giant fort.

noah-anthony-hopkins noah-emma-watson noah-jennifer-connelly noah-logan-lerman noah-ray-winstone2

The film is set for March 28th of next year.


Source | RealWallFlower (via Collider)