Because Warner Brothers likes money and figures audiences might line up for another Superman movie if the character isn’t reduced to an obsessed ex-boyfriend with a lifting fetish, there has been some forward movement on The Man of Steel.  But any kind of forward movement would kinda require the writing of an actual script, right?  And since the Superman Returns duo of Michael Dougherty and Dan Harris have moved on to other projects, that means the studio must’ve hired new writers to exorcise the creepy out of the titular character, correct? 

Maybe they have, maybe they haven’t.  I just happen to know who isn’t writing The Man of Steel.  Here’s a partial list:

Lorenzo Semple Jr.
Michael Chabon
Harold Pinter
Dog, The Bounty Hunter
Joe Gillis
Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman

I don’t have rock-solid information on the first six, but I do know (via a very well-placed source) that Orci and Kurtzman are very busy hammering out Transformers 2, and they’ll evidently be handling on-set rewrite chores for Kommandant Michael Bay.

When there’s real, no-bullshit news to report on who’s truly writing The Man of Steel… we may not have it here first, but at least we’ll have it second-hand from Variety!  While you’re waiting, head on over to Empire and read Bryan Singer’s comments on what he’d like to do with the next film.