And thought they had the day’s big scoop.

Look, no one believed that the mouthful that was Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins ever stood a chance of cluttering a megaplex marquee, so the fact that it’s been scrapped before the completion of principal photography is hardly a surprise.  But rather than go with the obvious solution (numeral and stupid subtitle), Warner Brothers is apparently spitballing fancy replacements (in honor of devouring New Line, the studio should work Pacific Air 121* in there).  That’s a lot of unnecessary work for a franchise moniker, but, hell, where would this business be without unnecessary work?  And what better way to burn an afternoon than a lazy brainstorming session? 

I’m not saying I have sources on WB’s Burbank lot, but I do hear things.  And while there’s a lot of intentional disinformation leaking out of this production (sorry, but no Terminator Babies), I am 100% certain that the title below is the approved-by-McG replacement.  Dig it:

Terminator: The Return of the Terminator

Simple.  Fucking.  Perfection.  Just remember where you heard it first. 

Terminator: The Return of the Terminator hits theaters May 22, 2009.

*A kiboshed alternative title for both Final Destination and Snakes on a Plane. And The Last Mimzy for all we know.