The truth comes out. After hoodwinking audiences with the last Die Hard movie, Len Wiseman is finally being honest with the title of his next film: Shell Game. The movie, a “sci-fi
action thriller [following] a detective who is faced with a moral
dilemma as he investigates the dangerous black-market business of
” has been on Wiseman’s wish list for a long time.

been wanting to make this film for the past five years, but it’s a huge
film and has always been too expensive to make at the level I’ve wanted
to make it at. Now I’m finally getting a chance to do it at that level,
” says Wiseman.

level he’s hoping to work on, exactly, remains to be seen. Wiseman is
teaming again with Lakeshore Entertainment, the company he worked with
on the two three-card monty Underworld movies before moving up to Fox for his longer con, the McClane. The Shell Game script was originally written by Justin Bondi and Andrew Ludington, but Wiseman worked with Wanted / Tokyo Drift scribe Chris Morgan on a new draft to ensure that the shooting script will be tighter than the mummified skin of Jim Thompson.