Gotta say, not super impressed with this poster for the final leg of  the final season of Breaking Bad. The show has had some fabulous marketing material in the past, including the 5th season “All Hail The King” image which is one of my favorite TV posters ever. I’ve included some of the old ones below, including the “power corrodes” poster I’ve never seen but love.

That said, the tagline “Remember My Name,” is rather ominous, no? Along with the “All Bad Things Must Come To And End” poster, there’s definitely a subtle push at making us feel like shit’s going to crash pretty hard for Mr. White. Bearded, firearm-purchasing Bryan Cranston at the start of Season 5 pretty much got that across already, but just in case you’d forgotten…


The show is back on the 11th of August, and the bittersweet stretch of time that will follow will slip by  far too quickly. It’s a time I’m both dreading and desperately excited for.