I know Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem was made on the relative cheap, but, given the law of diminishing sequel returns (which this franchise is currently following), is the presumed, wafer-thin profit margin on a third AVP movie really worth the investment for 20th Century Fox?

According to our crooked tax attorneys over at ShockTilYouDrop.com, the studio has declared AVP: 3hree III a “certainty”, which means someone’s crunched the numbers to the series’ benefit/fans’ detriment.  On the plus side, the actual quality of the film is a complete non-issue; anyone willing to cough up full admission for one of these interspecies showdowns after the cheeseball Paul W.S. Anderson “original” isn’t after a movie that rigorously obeys Aristotle’s three unities (though an Alien/Predator flick that takes place in one physical space over the course of twenty-four hours would be a worthwhile experiment).  All the eventual director(s) of this mess-waiting-to-happen (and why not bring back Colin and Greg Strause?) have to do is pack in enough face-hugging and chest-bursting to pad out a ninety-minute run time.  Somehow, I have a feeling Fox will push for a PG-13 rating this time (every last slurp counts when you’re this deep into the dregs), but, if not, maybe the filmmakers could throw in some dick.  I’d like that.

Expect to hear an official announcement w/r/t the furthering of these conjoined franchises once Alien vs. Predator: Requiem hits DVD on April 15th.