I’ve had a few emails today about the pair of international Speed Racer trailers that recently hit, and as it turns out at least one of them is worth a look. Trailer #2 gives us more of a look at both Trixie and Racer X, along with a heftier dose of the technicolor vomit that zips through every frame. I’m not quite convinced this movie has any reason to exist — it still looks like a zany tech demo to me — but if the Wachowskis are going to edge way out onto a limb I’m glad they’ve gone as far as it’s possible to go.

Here’s the full page of trailer and format selections.

Or go directly to the first or second new trailer in the best available Quicktime quality.

EDIT: Well, those links are down for the moment. Until I know if they’ve been pulled for good, here’s a YouTube link for the first trailer, and I’ve embedded the second below.

EDIT 2: The YouTube trailers have been pulled so I killed the embed, but for the time being the original page of trailer links points to working Flash versions of each trailer.