“I know choosing Vincent Gallo to star in my film will raise a few eyebrows,” said Francis Ford Coppola to Variety.

Well, Francis, consider my eyebrows raised. But in a “holy shit, that’s great” kind of way. I don’t know about anyone else, but Vincent Gallo has this strange entrancing effect on me. I remember watching Buffalo 66 for the first time and being completely unable to look away as he chewed the shit out of everything in that film. Basically, he’s one of those I actors I just love to watch. Well, I’m not sure how much I enjoyed that blowjob.

So obviously I’m happy that Francis Ford Coppola has a spot for him in Tetro, his upcoming film about a young man (newbie Alden Ehrenreich) who travels to Buenos Aires in search of his brother, Tetro. Gallo will play Tetro, a role that was vacated a while back by Matt Dillon.

Look at the assembled cast: Gallo, Javier Bardem, Maribel Verdu. That’s nice.

Of course, one can’t think of Vincent Gallo and not also think of crazy. I bet we’ll get at least a couple “Gallo loses his shit all over Argentina” stories during production, which starts up in three weeks. Or maybe he respects Coppola enough to behave himself. I’m for whichever one results in the better movie.