She’s cute, she’s tiny, and now she’s gonna kill shit with Mark Wahlberg.

On the surface, Mila Kunis may not be ideal casting for a badass femme assassin tracking the murderer of her sister, but after her phenomenally appealing performance in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, I’m convinced she can do anything.  Seriously.  Lady MacBeth, Hedda Gabler, Willie Loman… this girl’s got versatility for days.  So why not the hit-woman sidekick/enemy/love interest of Mark Wahlberg’s Max Payne in… er, Max Payne?

Adapted from the Rockstar video game, the John Moore-directed film revolves around a conspiracy uncovered by Payne whilst investigating a string of murders (it happens).  That’s kinda murky, but that’s all we’ve got to go on, kids.  I assume that Payne’s tragic backstory – his family is dead – will figure into Beau Thorne’s screenplay; what better way to bond with Mila’s character than over drinks and remembrances of deceased loved ones?  I’ve never played the video games, so if I’m missing out on certain narrative nuances, please forgive me. 

Max Payne is currently shooting up in the Great White North, and should be ready for an October 17, 2008 release.  Julie Silverman and Scott Faye are producing, while 20th Century Fox will distribute (wonder if they’ll go the R-rated route like they did for Hitman; my guess is they’d like to do better than a paltry $40 million domestic with this film – though the presence of an actual movie star in Wahlberg might help their cause… and lower Timothy Olyphant’s going rate).  If you were wondering whether or not it would rain in the film, find your answer below (courtesy of