cornetto-edgar-wrightThe idea of Edgar Wright’s films with Nick Frost and Simon Pegg being a trilogy has been an in-joke in one form or another since Hot Fuzz was released and made it clear this trio had a knack for doing great things in different genres. More specifically it secured the use of Cornetto ice cream as a common joke and thus “The Cornetto Trilogy” was born (though I always liked “Blood & Ice Cream Trilogy” a bit better).

More than just a common throwaway joke though is the trio’s adeptness at both homaging, lightly satirizing, and just generally executing genre films with a great deal of love and sophistication. That’s what truly ties these films together, and there seems no reason that this crew couldn’t go on tackling different genres with their own brand of humor every few years. The video below, which briefly explores and pumps up the idea of these films as a trilogy, includes Wright and Pegg explaining that this film does pay-off thematic strands that have run through each of the previous films, in a way completing the exploration of friendship that Shaun of the Dead started.

In any event, there are those that don’t hungrily follow every move Wright makes and may not know exactly what ties together Shaun Of The Dead, Hot Fuzz, and the upcoming The World’s End. The featurette lays out all of that context though, explaining the joke for everyone (it’s still funny though).

Wright’s new film is a mere two months away…