10,000 B.C. $35,730,000 $10,478 $35,730,000
College Road Trip $14,000,000
$5,173 $14,000,000
Vantage Point $7,500,000 (-41.5%) $2,371 $51,681,000
Semi-Prone to Failure $5,900,000 (-60.9%)
$1,890 $24,835,000
The Bank Job  $5,710,000 $3,562 $5,710,000
The Spiderwick Chronicles $4,800,000 (-44.8%) $1,478 $61,721,000
The Other Boleyn Girl
$4,000,000 (-51.2%) $3,427 $14,612,000
Jumper $$3,750,000 (-50.5%) $1,463 $83,537,000 
Step Up 2 The Streets $3,049,000 (-46.9%) $1,354 $53,004,000
Fool’s Gold $2,800,000 (-36.6%) $1,205 $62,820,000

This just In: White people and black people do similar things in different ways. Film at 11.

When you read the leaves, sometimes you pull out the wrong root, and I thought (especially after the air got sucked the heck out of Semi-Pro) that the toxic word of mouth on 10,000 B.C. would knock it down, and others, after getting ass-handed last week, tempered enthusiasms. Killer ostriches? Really? Well, there’s something to be said about never underestimating the American public’s want of entertainment regardless of quality. It’s like you could never go broke doing it. That said, Warner’s invested $150 into this one, and will be lucky to get much past $80 domestically.

College Road Trip is 83 minutes long. It’s the second Martin Lawrence film in as many months. But the x factor is Raven, and that box office is so Raven. Though it won’t weather Horton Hears a Who with great aplomb, if Disney played their cards right, the film was cheap, and getting to a $40 Million gross is likely.

Does Sony think of Vantage Point as a hit? Having crossed $50 million this weekend, it’s been a steady performer for the last couple. does that mean it’s had good word of mouth? It’s a mystery wrapped in an enigma that, but when compared to that Diane Lane film that came out a couple weeks beforehand (Untraceable), what’s the fundamental difference? Is it advertising? Mathew Fox? A better hook? I swear to God if you did a cinematic mash-up, you could probably make the Gray album of mystery thrillers. Eventually there’d be a Greg Gillis who’d come along and incorporate Hitchcock, Argento and De Palma with Ashley Judd’s entire thriller filmography. Swoon.

My Train of thought just derailed. Sorry. It’ll take a minute on that one.

Semi-Pro will probably be known for quite some time as Will Ferrell’s off film. Even with his run of films like Kicking and Screaming and Bewitched. Because he’s an earner, it is forgiven, and blamed on New Line. But this was Ferrell front and center doing that voodoo he does so well. That doesn’t bode well. Step Brothers better deliver some funny that people want. The nice thing for Ferrell is that he’s one of those guys who has so much in production (much like Apatow) that one misstep can be forgotten about as long as it doesn’t become a trend.

Lionsgate has to be happy with their opening on The Bank Job. It was small, but it did reasonable business. And good word of mouth and all that could lead to a near $20, and some healthy DVD sales. They can hope.

The rest of the chart is made up of the hangers on. Many of which will use the next week to get to round numbers before getting ready for their DVD close up. Of the bottom five Step Up 2 is the most profitable. Next week should see some real heat with Horton.