After a ridiculously busy past month or I was finally able to see Eagle Eye. Now if you didn’t see the movie stop reading because I feel compelled to discuss the ending of it and several other movies. TURN BACK NOW.

There is something to be said when an individual gives his/her life for a greater cause, especially if that cause is for the better of all humanity. It’s putting your life up for the greater good. Taking a stand when others aren’t or can’t. It reminds others that we all have to sacrifice. Through someone else’s sacrifice we can better appreciate life. Movies are an excellent opportunity for that reminder. So when I saw Eagle Eye and Shia’s character Jerry was killed at the end I said wow now that’s a statement that can hit the youth hard considering they’re a big demographic for this movie.

Well maybe I was the only one to realize this, but if you bring your hero back to life after he dies for the greater good then your grand statement is kind of lost. I admire the film for trying to make a point about society, BUT if you’re going to do it then go all the way with it. Don’t pull punches. Don’t be afraid to alienate some people. Most importantly in this case, don’t be afraid to kill off your hero. Some of the best movies with powerful statements that I’ve seen weren’t afraid to take that leap even if it upset some of the audience (but still made box office bank).

The Last Samurai: Katsumoto
His death enforces the idea that man’s lust for power and war is destroying our connection to tradition and true human nature.

Gladiator: Maximus
One man’s loyalty to democracy and moralilty can overcome the immorality of tyranny.

The Green Mile: John Coffey
In a terrible world we can’t be afraid of finding something beautiful and defending it, even if we aren’t successful.

Moulin Rouge: Satine
To have love and lost is better than to never have love at all.

Children of Men: Theo Faron
Hope is worth dying for.

Terminator 2: T-800
It’s human nature to sacrfice all for humanity and that is an admirable and desirable quality.

More examples you say?:
Road to Perdition
American Beauty
Saving Private Ryan
The Thin Red Line
King Kong
The Wrath of Kahn
The Iron Giant
Soylent Green

Eagle Eye: Jerry Shaw
The individual can stand up to the government before it takes total control of our lives even if it may cost that individual their life…. even though it didn’t.

Impact lost. It’s that fear to take a chance so the statement can be made that prevents ok movies from being good movies and good movies from being great movies. If DJ Caruso would have decided to go all the way with his statement before he made it then it would have been a better movie. Instead we get a studio ending if I ever saw one on a mediocre movie with a washed out statement.