I hope you didn’t hit a midnight screening of 10,000 B.C. hoping to see that new Incredible Hulk trailer, ‘cuz Universal done held that shit back for something bigger.

The studio now plans to stage a “simultaneous roadblock” of seven networks (MTV, MTV2, MTVU, VH1, Spike TV, Nick at Nite and CMT) on March 12th at 9:56 EDT/6:56 PDT to premiere the teaser trailer – meaning they plan to release a full theatrical trailer at some point?  Kinda odd for a film that’s three months away (its release date is still June 13th), but I doubt Universal would be orchestrating something this splashy if they didn’t believe in the movie.  In any event, once the teaser has aired on seventeen different MTV outlets, it’ll immediately go up on MTV.com for an “exclusive period”.  And for those who need to see the big green guy on a big screen, the teaser will subsequently be attached to Neil Marshall’s Doomsday, which opens on Friday, March 14th. 

I still don’t know what the hell to expect from this Edward Norton-ized iteration of The Incredible Hulk, and that’s kinda cool since we know a little too much about every other Summer ’08 movie.  We’re partially to blame for that, of course, and we regret nothing.  Y’all were asking for it in that tight leather skirt.