Not too long ago I opined that the best way for Marvel to create an Avengers feature would be to go the all-CGI route. I’m not claiming any great insight — that’s obviously the best cost-conscious way to make a film featuring that many characters and (hopefully) name actors.

Zak Penn seems to feel the same way. Earlier today he spoke with Frosty at Collider, who got the video interview uploaded immediately. Among answers to a bunch of other (unrelated) questions Penn says of animated superhero movies:

It’s not only something I’ve considered doing, but there’s been the discussion about The Avengers doing some sort of next level…whatever the next iteration of computer animation is after this, the next step after Beowulf, is something we would definitely consider for that. And I think it’s worth considering for a lot of movies, I think it’s amazing. It has a tremendous amount of potential. And I love animated movies, and I’ve produced animated movies, and I wrote the original story for Antz. It would definitely interest me.

Not that this means an Avengers movie, animated or not, is happening any time soon. Marvel first has to get through the launches of Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk, after which maybe we’ll start to hear some real rumblings about a big team flick. And if it can beat Justice League to the screen? All the better.