I don’t know about you, but I want more Gary Ross movies. It’s been nearly five years since Seabiscuit, and his Pleasantville came out five years before that. Fortunately for us, Ross has a bunch of very interesting projects moving forward at the moment, and the next few years will give the four-time Oscar nominee a chance to really make his mark as a director.

Now he’s got another film to add to the pile, this one an untitled NASCAR drama, which is right up Ross’s alley. After all, the guy was able to make HORSE RACING look exciting. FUCKING HORSE RACING. I figure it won’t be too difficult to transplant some of those neato filming tricks he used in Seabiscuit.

Per Variety, the film, which is being written by Sopranos and Sister, Sister producer/writer Terence Winter, is about “an up-and-coming driver who scratches his way into the circuit and develops a mentor/rival relationship with the driver he grew up idolizing.” Perhaps not terribly original, but it is, after all, a sports movie.

Other projects Ross has in the tube: an animated adaptation of The Tale of Despereaux, coming late this year; a live action/anime hybrid adaptation of Tokyo Suckerpunch; and The Free State of Jones, a period film set in Mississippi during the Civil War and Reconstruction.

In Gary Ross I trust, so I’m really excited about the next few years.