Last Thursday I had one of the more surreal experiences of my ever-lengthening life: I interviewed Corey Feldman while being filmed for his reality show, The Two Coreys. Sitting across from Feldman (who looks sort of like Liev Schreiber’s kid brother these days) was odd enough as it was, but being pinned between two cameras while his smoking hot wife texted on her Blackberry next to us and a huge crew sat a few feet away really upped the ante.

I was there to interview the Feldog* for his upcoming Direct to DVD movie, Lost Boys: The Tribe, but I wasn’t able to see the movie, let alone a trailer (an R-rated trailer should be hitting the web sometime this week, though). The real pain is that I’m embargoed on running the interview, which means that by the time you can read it here all of the very surface level questions I ask will have been answered by the marketing, rendering big chunks of the interview redundant.

But of course I didn’t just stick with the new movie. How could I not talk about Friday the 13th when I was seated across from Tommy Jarvis himself? And we spent some time discussing reality television – if any part of my interview makes his show, I’m hoping it’s this stuff. The meta element tickles me to no end.

Feldman told me that while the first season of The Two Coreys was heavily scripted, the new season is more reality based; of course my very presence was non-real, as I was participating in a very small press day just so the show would have footage of Corey stumping for his movie when the DVD is released this summer. I went in worried that I would be given some sort of direction – ask Corey this, don’t ask him that, react to him this way – but besides the sound man, no one from the crew seemed to want to even talk to me. They didn’t seem to even want to be there – lots of reading going on while I was interviewing Feldman.

The highlight of the whole press day (besides the delicious salmon in the green room!) was probably the waiver I had to sign. I take it that it was essentially the standard reality show waiver, and it included such clauses as me releasing the production from liability if they engaged in a negligent rescue attempt. At the end I also signed away all rights to get mad if they edited me in a ‘humiliating or embarrassing’ way, and left me open to ‘public condemnation and ridicule.’ They’ve obviously never read the new comments section on CHUD – I signed that right away years ago.

I’m not sure if anyone will actually contact me if I’m going to be featured on The Two Coreys this summer, but I’ll be keeping an eye out. And I’ll fight with Warner Home Video to try and get this embargo lifted – at least partially! – soon.

*And originally The Haimster as well, but he dropped out at the last minute. Apparently season two of The Two Coreys will be documenting some real life problems that Haim is having.