So, this pretty much summarizes how Sony’s E3 went. And knowing you don’t stay the belle of the ball for very long unless you keep proving your awesomeness, Sony released a video showing off how you’ll be interacting with their hallowed system in a new video.

In it, we get our first full screen glimpses of the PS4’s UI, which, ironically, looks more like a vertical Windows 8 than anyone would care to admit, digital game downloading, and the social media functions in action. The in-game messaging/cross-game speech seems as well implemented as it is in the 360, with the added bonus of smartphone-esque word prediction. The part that caught my eye¬† is where you have the option of downloading single/multiplayer as separate files, to speed up the install. As the guy that only barely touches multi, if at all with most titles, that’s some much needed hard drive space that system just saved me. All in all, it seems busy, but manageable. Behold below.

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